Content Hub Plugin

What is a content hub?

A content hub is the base for your content on your website where you can provide an overview of a specific topic. It brings a structure to your content, both internal content and curated content provided by partners, agencies and external systems. It can be compared to a blog. However, it is not the same as a blog; A blog is a series of posts presented in chronological order and it can contain content on various topics that are relevant to your readers. A content hub, on the other hand, goes beyond blog posts and is much more diverse and individual, containing various multimedia content types and elements from blog posts to videos, podcasts, data, tools or links. You can provide your own content as well as third party content. The content hub focuses on the problems and needs of the user, adjusts to their wishes and provides them with the format and content they like to consume. The user can navigate through the content hub through intuitive, collaborative features like a keyword search that keep the complexity low and the added value high. The content hub offers a central contact point that can be accessed effortlessly and spread and shared online easily. Content on social media often isn’t long-lasting and you have no control over the content on Social Media Platforms. A content hub helps with the longevity of your content, you can control and manage your content and make it a safe place. A content hub helps you understand your target audience by providing valuable data and insights which you can use as a basis to optimize your content marketing strategy to grow your brand awareness and organic search.

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