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Content Hub - The only plugin that curates your content

Make sure your contet gets the attraction it deserves. With Content Hub you can present your content in modern grid style, no matter which post types you may have.

How a content hub can improve SEO for your site drastically

A content hub is a centralized place that contains curated content around a specific topic. Users benefit from walking and filtering through connected related content items rather than using the search or internal linkage. There are significant SEO benefits to creating a content hub, including more backlinks, search traffic, and leads, along with increased authority and a stronger brand. Get started and push your site, in just a couple of minutes, to the next level!

For editors

Creating and maintaining hubs is taking a lot of effort. The content hub plugin will automate the creation of a collection of your content items, will keep it up to date, and make it filterable for your users. Now you can use your energy to focus on the content quality itself, rather on the building grids.

For developers

Is your story item telling you to built a dynamic, post-type independent, filterable, responsive content grid for multiple pages and contexts? By activating the content hub plugin you can save plenty of hours and reduce stress.

For designers

Do you imagine an elegant and micro-animated wall, covering different types of content for a partial or a whole page? The content hub plugin helps to get this job done, while integrating seamlessly into layouts.

content made simple

Connect your content

Use any content of your post types or pages, to tease it everywhere you like on your page.

Integrates seamlessly

Either by short code, or with editors like Gutenberg, your hubs will look great in every layout! The mobile first approach lets your users consume your content in an expected and optimized way. Code-wise, the plugin is based on standards without any dependencies.

Power-up for UX and SEO

Create beautiful landing pages of content pieces or just a small grid for an existing page. A chance like this will improve the user experience and leverage your visibility in the market.

See the plugin live and in action

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Smart pricing

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More than just a plugin

Our product team offers not only great features to build up content hubs - quality and advancement are equality important to us. Here are some additional benefits for you:

Continuous development

Our feature backlog is full with ideas, concepts, and tools to empower content and websites. The best: you will get these updates for free!

ISO certified

Our company is ISO 9001 certified and annually checked by external authorities. Our production happens in proofen agile scrum methodics where high quality is the output.

Security audits

Code and feature quality are based on high standards and get reviewed before each update is published. Data privacy plays a major role which we put our focus on. An annual data privacy audit ensures high standards.


You are in good company. There are people on our side which help you out, whether editorial or code issues. Just reach out to us. 🙂


What clients are saying

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